Taste and See... Magazine

Editor: Alison Stortz

Our goal is to build up the body of Christ by encouraging, helping and challenging individuals and parishes who seek to grow in their relationship with God the Father through faith in our Lord Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our quarterly magazine contains enlightening and uplifting articles to encourage you in your faith, and information about the activities of Anglican Renewal Ministries.

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Submission Guidelines

Taste and See... is distributed to interested churches and individuals of all Christian denominations. In the interests of developing the publication and carrying out ARM Canada's vision and mission effectively, we hope these guidelines will be helpful.

It is our desire that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ will be worshipped, glorified and enjoyed in the power of the Holy Spirit through our magazine. To that end, we are looking for articles, book reviews, poetry, and personal testimonies concerning the person, work, ministry, theology, gifts, fruit, presence and experience of the Holy Spirit.

Suggested length is 800-1500 words. Articles will be reviewed for content before acceptance, and edited for grammar and length.

All article submissions and enquiries should be directed to arm@armcanada.org.