ARM Canada 25th Anniversary: 1985 to 2010

Our Vision: Renewing the church to reach the world for Jesus.

ARM seeks to fulfill this vision through the following initiatives:

Prayer Support: ARM is drawing together prayer groups to pray for the renewal of the Church. Each issue of the ‘Anglicans for Renewal’ includes an ARM prayer list as well as a list of the bishops of our Church as a minimum request for your prayers. The members of the ARM Board also need prayer support, and their names can be found on the sidebar link “Board Members.”

Magazine - Anglicans for Renewal: This is published quarterly to provide vision, inspiration and information on renewal in Canada and beyond.

Ambassador: In June 2008, Bishop Terrence Buckle became our Ambassador and he serves as he can in the midst of his busy schedule as Diocesan Bishop of Yukon

Conferences and Missions: ARM has a list of speakers and leaders who are available to lead parish and larger events as part of renewing the Church.

Schools of Renewal Ministry (formerly LTIs): ARM believes that leadership is vital to renewing the Church. At least once a year ARM holds four and five day residential Schools of Renewal Ministry for lay persons and clergy. ARM will also provide leadership for regional or local lay leadership Schools in your area. These might be over a weekend with a non-residential format to reduce costs.

Networking: Renewal clergy and lay people need to support one another for mutual encouragement. ARM encourages and will assist persons and groups to meet and pray together and possibly form ARM regional groups. Connect with us on Facebook.

Consultancy: ARM will make available experienced individuals or teams to work with interested parishioners to initiate and promote renewal.