ARM Canada 25th Anniversary: 1985 to 2010

Our Mission:

To help people discover the fullness of their life in Jesus, in which they experience the release of the Holy Spirit and his gifts for ministry.

ARM Canada believes that it is called to contribute towards spiritual renewal among Christians both personally and corporately and to be of service to the Anglican Church. ARM Canada believes that Jesus Christ is Saviour and Lord and the only way to the Father; it accepts the authority of Holy Scripture and affirms that the Holy Spirit empowers authentic worship, evangelism, ministry and service.

ARM Canada believes that God is awakening the Church to the realities of the historic Pentecost through the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit as revealed in the New Testament and as experienced today in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit commonly described as ‘charismatic renewal.’ ARM Canada encouraged its supporters to become involved in all aspects of Church life at the parish, diocesan and national level, and it co-operates with all those who seek the renewal of the whole Church in worship, evangelism and service.

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